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Solofo is going to kill me, as he wanted that I post the note on our website, I will do it for sure, but I believe it was relevant to send them in text mode directly on our mailing list.

Thanks to him for this great summary. I have added a few things.

Avago sent me there slides, I will also post them on our website !


A second RuggedPOD european engineering workshop took place Monday and
Tuesday 29-30th June at coworking login
(http://www.coworkinglogin.it/) in Milano, hosted by enter

This event was also the occasion to meet face to face around OCP activities.

https://it-it.facebook.com/entersrl  (Pictures)

Here is some notes about this event.
First day:

After the introduction from Ivan Botta the CEO of enter, Corey Bell,
the CEO of OCP expressed that an important goal for OCP is to
"identify the pains" that various members of OCP or users of OCP
hardware could have. Jean-Marie Verdun followed by bringing some news
about various OCP projects.

The afternoon started with a presentation about the current state of
the DaaP (Datacenter as a PCB) by Zihun Yang (SDS Intern) and Mariano
Cunetti enter CTO presented how enter came to use RuggedPOD, coming
from being and ISP (Internet System Provider) in 1996 and transforming
into a CSP (Cloud Service Provider in 2012). Starting with OpenStack, they
became interested in OCP as a mean to master their infrastructure from
hardware to software. Another aspects of their activity is coworking,
which brings new light to their cloud activity. Enter also host an

During the discussion, Amber Graner the community manager of OCP warns
about the pitfalls and difficulties of running regional communities:
while it is good for face to face communication, having regional
communities introduce the risk of fragmenting the OCP projects. A
major issue to avoid is to have regional subprojects,
e.g. OCP/server/europe, asia,....  In order to avoid this, special
effort should be done to publicise the regional activities to the
worldwide community.
For example, an OCP Europe mailing-list has been created in May, but
has not been used very much since then.

A wiki page has been started about regional communities

In parallel to the sessions, some people have been working hard to
assemble the RuggedPOD prototype. It was running at the end of
the day, attracting people from the coworking space, or attendees
which did not see the prototypes of the last OCP summits.

The prototype was planned to run overnight outside, but unfortunately
a power supply issue happened during the night. After analysis a failing fuse was
the root cause of the failure. This fuse was part of the early stage of the PSU
(AC conversion) and probably a protection against over current from this phase.
The PSU has been fixed.

Second day:

The second started with a presentation from Derek Percival aka "Mr
PCI-Express" of Avago/PLX about PCI-express switches and ExpressFabric

PCI-express has several advantages:
- ubiquitous in PC
- low-latency
- high bandwidth

These qualities makes it a good candidate for in-rack networking This
is the chosen technology for networking inside the DaaP board (also
kalray card).

The following talk from Benoit Ganne of Kalray. Kalray already
presented at the OCP Summmit Europe in October 2014
(http://pres.gandi.net/ocpeu14/ocpeu14.pdf). While Software Defined
Networking (SDN) is a good thing, hardware accelerated networking is
better. Kalray chips offer this. Good to see the progress.

The day ended with open discussions among the attendees about what
they would like to do within OCP in Europe.
For the RuggedPOD project, software developpers are needed!

Next meeting is planned in 3 months at at location which is still to
be decided, but there are already offers to host the next meeting.


While the OCP community in Europe is young (first public meeting was
in march 2014), there is clearly interest and energy as demonstrated
by talks, discussions, projects.

While regional and face to face meetings are clearly a good thing,
efforts should be done to communicate with the rest of the community,
fragmentation should be avoided.

Hopefully, there will be exchanges between regional communities as
fruitful as inside.
Followhttp://www.opencompute.org/wiki/RC   to look at the progress.


   Jean-Marie Verdun
*Splitted-Desktop Systems*
   Batiment Aristote
   Parc des Algorithmes
   Route de l'orme des merisiers
   91190 Saint Aubin FRANCE

jean-marie.verdun at splitted-desktop.com

	Splitted-Desktop Systems is a proud member of the Open Compute Foundation
and a Gold member till July '15. We can provide you consulting and 
services related to any OCP hardware. We also drive RuggedPOD and Daap Open
Hardware projects

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