[Ocp-europe] RuggedPOD production cost reduction concept

Jean-Marie Verdun jean-marie.verdun at splitted-desktop.com
Thu Jul 9 20:41:42 UTC 2015


Our current RuggedPOD is running under vacuum. This has some key 
advantages but production cost is high due to high flatness surface 
quality that we must be reached to keep vacuum for a long period of time.

While working on cabling, we discovered that PTFE has some extremelly 
good performances with oil the coolant used in RuggedPOD. Our wish is to 
protect oil from oxydation happening with direct contact with oxygen.  
An option might be to fill up part of the POD with a balloon which 
contain fresh air and add some oil. When the oil is warmed up it will 
apply some pressure on the balloon which will exhaust it's air out. When 
the oil will get cooler it will contract and external air might get 
inside the balloon.

This concept might remove the whole need to run under vacuum and might 
drastically lower production cost. What is your feedback ?

This doesn't change the interest we have to finish the vacuum system, as 
it is really interesting for "moving" POD like the one used for Army or 
disaster recovery, but in DC or CDN usage, I believe the balloon version 
might be really good.

Some power transformer are using this principle.


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