[Ocp-europe] Which tools to write documentation

Jean-Marie Verdun jean-marie.verdun at splitted-desktop.com
Fri Jul 17 08:38:30 UTC 2015


RuggedPOD project is moving forward fast, and the feedback we got from 
the POD in Italy is pretty interesting and encouraging. We now have to 
formalize a few things like:

- Technical documentation
     - Engineering Spec
- User manuals
     - Hardware manual
     - Setup
     - Software manual
etc ...

Word is not a tool to do that especially if we want write the 
documentation as a team (and as this is a boring process to some of us, 
it has to be done as a team). So we need to find a collaborative 
solution with change tracking.

So I like the idea to write the documentation in a simple way like 
Markdown or Sphinx and then automatically compile it to publish it on 
our website. We could have something like:

- Git
- Automatic cron script which compile the documentation and publish 
ongoing work in PDF and HTML format. HTML might be available at 

Any other ideas ?


   Jean-Marie Verdun
*Splitted-Desktop Systems*
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   Parc des Algorithmes
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   91190 Saint Aubin FRANCE

jean-marie.verdun at splitted-desktop.com

	Splitted-Desktop Systems is a proud member of the Open Compute Foundation
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services related to any OCP hardware. We also drive RuggedPOD and Daap Open
Hardware projects

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