[Opencompute-mezz-card] OCP Mezz NIC subgroup monthly call meeting minutes - 3/1/2017

Jia Ning jian at fb.com
Mon Mar 6 07:53:36 UTC 2017

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Hi, All:

We did our 1st OCP Mezz subgroup call last Wednesday. Please find the meeting minutes below. I will find a way to archive it in wiki later.

Please join the OCP summit workgroup talk Thursday morning 9am if you are interested in OCP Mezz NIC: https://ocpussummit2017.sched.com/event/9SAa/ocp-mezzanine-nic-20-and-beyond

Looking forward to carry on this effort with you.


===OCP Mezz NIC subgroup monthly call meeting minutes  - 3/1/2017===

-        Quick intro of subgroup, goal, approach, and logistics

-        Subgroup discussion

1.      Dell-Rich suggested to collect and agree on the design boundaries; most attendees agreed this is a good start.

Please use the template below to provide design boundaries; add more rows if you see important factors may impact specification


Very typical and Important use cases

50/50 confidences

Stretch goals and use cases

# and Type of Ports

# of ASIC

Power envelope of ASIC

T_case of ASIC

ASIC mechanical dimension

System air flow direction

There are 2x options of communications:

*        Preferred options: Using mailing list: opencompute-mezz-card at lists.opencompute.org<mailto:opencompute-mezz-card at lists.opencompute.org>

Please sign-up the mailing list before sending message to it

*        Send email to jia.ning at ocproject.net; We may play the role to mask vendor specific info, and aggregate the design boundaries.

2.      Mellanox-Yuval suggested to define some manageability interface in future spec - for example , optical monitoring

3.      Intel-Bergi suggested to put down a timeline of Mezz 3.0 activities

Jia will propose one to subgroup

4.      Thermal collaboration

John Fernandes (jfern at fb.com) is leading this effort; please reach out to him for coming collaboration

5.      Dell-Rich asked about template of specification. Jia suggested to use Mezz2.0 as a start point of the scope. Mezz 3.0 will improve readability.

6.      Please send other suggestion of spec 2.0 to subgroup mailing list
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