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OCP has a busy schedule this week. We are excited to announce the creation of the Software Toolchain Subgroup hosted within OCP Server Project.

Creating an open design software toolchain for Electrical and Mechanical Design solutions, this subgroup aims to accelerate collaboration within OCP.  To help engineers improve design quality and to help the community provide efficient feedback, the subgroup will initially focus on defining standard APIs to simplify publishing design files on the web and on the means for annotating design files to provide feedback directly via design tools.

The first implementation will be based on existing Open Source software such as FreeCAD and KiCAD; however, the openness of the API allows independent software vendors to implement and contribute features within their own applications.

Jean-Marie Verdun has graciously agreed to lead this effort with help from Guillaume Giamarchi.

This subgroup may include parties interested in different areas including:
-       3D web content viewers
-       EDA web data display
-       Network Object File System
-       Advanced 3D engines
-       Physical simulations result display such as thermal analysis, mechanical analysis, and many more to come.

Use the subgroup Wiki to sign up for mailing distribution list, events, meetings, document links, project space, etc.

To get on the mailing list or manage your subscription go to:

      Jean-Marie Verdun is Horizon Computing Solutions President-- a 200% Open Hardware company. For many years, he has worked in High-Performance Computing area, led the deployment of the biggest supercomputers in the world, and ported /optimized advanced numerical simulation tools from vector machine to heavily superscalar architecture.  Currently involved within FreeCAD project, he is a long-lasting contributor to Open Source projects and is

      Guillaume Giamarchi is a lead software engineer at Horizon Computing Solutions. He has been working in software development and architecture for years on various technologies and environments. He is widely experienced in back-end system architecture, API design, and cloud computing.  He strongly believes in open source and has been a contributor on several projects mainly related to OpenStack and Infrastructure as code tools.

Toolchain GitHub:

Get involved in OCP Server Project:

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Siamak Tavallaei
co-Chair OCP Server Project

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